2017 stewardship commitment card

Click here to submit your 2017 Stewardship Commitment Card.  Thank you for your support of our ministries and mission.

Listen to Pastor Jason's sermon "Grace Made Visible" for more details concerning this year's stewardship commitment

Pledge q & a

Why should I pledge?

Each December the Administrative Team plans the coming year's ministries and missions expenditures.  Finalizing the 2017 budget requires the Admin Team to forecast church revenues and identity ministry and mission needs.  Church members' pledges are essential in guiding the Admin Team in making these plans.

Is my pledge a binding contract?

No. Filling out your pledge card is an estimate of giving made in good faith.  It is not like paying taxes, a mortgage or membership dues.  Your pledge is a statement of intent, not a contract.

How many people will know what I give?

Only the church secretary has access to these records.  Your privacy is maintained.

Who decides how the money is used?

The Admin Team is comprised of leaders from all ministries within our church.  Team leaders request ministry operating funds for the upcoming year based on ministry objectives.  Request are evaluated in light of pledges and a final amount is then determined by the Admin Team.  

Once the budget is completed it will then be presented to the church for approval.  This vote will take place during our Christmas lunch on December 18th.

How can i stay involved and be updated about church finances?

Overall information is provided each week in our bulletin.  Detail information may be requested by contacting our church office at 205-763-0070 or by e-mailing our church secretary, Candi Simmons, at csimmons@eurekabaptistchurch.com