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Oct 1, 2023    JASON GRISSOM

Welcome to "From Dust to Glory," an epic sermon series that will take you on a remarkable 52-week journey through the entire Bible, exploring 52 major stories that reveal the unfolding plan of God. 📖✨

In this transformative series, we'll dive deep into the pages of Scripture, uncovering the grand narrative of God's redemptive work throughout history. Each week, we'll examine a pivotal story that contributes to the magnificent tapestry of God's kingdom-building, ultimately pointing to the central theme: "The Lord God through His Christ is graciously building a kingdom of redeemed people for their joy and His glory."

🌟 What to Expect:

📜 Biblical Exploration: Discover the profound stories and characters that have shaped the faith of countless generations.

🔍 Context and Insight: Gain a deeper understanding of the historical and cultural background, bringing the Scriptures to life.

🙏 Spiritual Reflection: Engage in meaningful reflection and application, allowing God's Word to transform your life.

💡 Kingdom Perspective: See how each story fits into the greater narrative of God's plan to redeem humanity.

Whether you're a seasoned Bible scholar or new to exploring the Word, "From Dust to Glory" offers something for everyone. Join us every week as we embark on this awe-inspiring journey together, seeking to grow in our understanding of God's purposes and His unending love for us.

Hit that subscribe button and turn on notifications to stay connected with us throughout this incredible series. Invite your friends, family, and fellow seekers to join us on this expedition through the Bible – from dust to glory.

Get ready to be inspired, challenged, and filled with a deeper sense of awe for the Lord's marvelous work. Let's uncover the incredible story of God's grace, redemption, and kingdom of joy and glory.

See you at "From Dust to Glory" – where the Word comes alive, and our hearts are set on a course from dust to everlasting glory! 🌅📖🙏