Church Membership

We’re excited to have you consider Eureka Baptist Church as the place you want to belong. Our First Step Class is where you go to hear about what we believe God is up to in the world, what He is doing at Eureka Baptist Church, and it also provides us an opportunity to get to know you and your story.

The class is held once a quarter on Sunday following the morning service with lunch being provided.  The class will last for an hour and a half broken into two sessions. In session one we will cover our beginnings, beliefs, and behaviors. In session two you will share your story and have an opportunity to ask any questions of our leadership.

At the conclusion a copy of our Church Covenant will be presented to each participant.  This covenant must be signed and return for membership to be granted. All new covenant members will be presented to the church at our next family gathering.  

In honor of your time we ask that you complete some prescribed reading and the completion of your salvation story prior to your First Steps Class.  All reading material will be sent upon your registration.  Click here to sign up for our next class on March 19, 2022