Advent: December 4

Read: Isaiah 9:6–7 and Matthew 1:18–25; 4:16

Thoughts for Parents:

Today, many parents are aware of the gender of their child before he or she is even born, and, consequently, they have the privilege of picking out a name before birth. In our passage today, we’re introduced to our Savior, but His name is something so much more than just a name. His name not only tells us what to call Him, it also tells us what He’s been sent to do. Consider this: from the time this little baby is born, His destiny is already planned out for Him. He won’t be spending His life in obscurity, following in the footsteps of His earthly father.

No, He’ll be a wonderful wise counselor, He’ll be the mighty God, this baby will be an everlasting Father—although He’ll not have any natural children of His own. And, although He will spend much of His life in conflict, He will be a Prince who brings peace with Him; Peace from His Father to those in rebellion against Him, peace among men and women who used to fight for preeminence.

As wonderful as all those titles are, the greatest promise of all is this, “And of his government and peace there will be no end.” This wonderful baby is establishing a rule of peace that will never end. No matter how bleak things look; no matter how overwhelmed or despairing or faithless you feel today, you can be assured of one thing: there will be no end of His government and peace—not government at war, but government and peace. With His birth in a lowly manger, He’s bringing in a whole new kingdom, and nothing will ever stop Him.

Thoughts for Children:

Yesterday we learned what Jesus’ name meant. We learned that it meant two different things. Do you remember what they were? His name means God is always with us, and it means that He will take away our sin. Today we will learn all the amazing things that happen because He is with us and He takes away our sin.

The Bible describes Jesus as a Wonderful Counselor. That is just a fancy way of saying that whenever you don’t know what to do you can ask Him for help and He will help you, always. The bible describes Him as a Mighty God, which means that whenever you are afraid or feel like things are out of control, you know that He is strong and powerful. Another way that our verse talks about Jesus is as an Everlasting Father. This means that you don’t ever have to feel alone or like no one is looking out for you, He is your daddy and He will love you, forever.

The very last way Jesus is described is as a Prince of Peace that reminds us that we don’t have to worry about what God thinks about us. Because of what Jesus did, there is and will be peace between you and God, now and forever. God will never be angry with you, as long as you believe that you are a sinner and that Jesus is all of these things for you even though you don’t deserve it.

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